Income recovery for the self-employed
Our new product helps your self-employed clients who have seen a dip in their 20/21 income

As long as they have a minimum of 3 year's trading history, we'll base their affordability on an average of the last two years income, rather than their latest accounts.

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The detail

Here's what you need to know about our new Income Recovery for the
Self-Employed product.

3 year of calendars

Minimum 3 years trading history required

Clipboard with 2 years calendar

Affordability based on average of last 2 years income


SA302 required for proof of income (no accounts)

  • Up to 85% LTV
  • Available on our Select range only
  • Available on a 5-year fixed, with 3 year ERCs
  • No restrictions on professions
  • Debt management plans accepted


Download the full comparison table to find out how our Income Recovery product differs from our standard self-employed offering

Download Income Recovery comparison table


Clients we can support

Our Self-employed Income Recovery range caters to all types of self-employed clients, including:

Sole traders

Daily rate contractors and freelancers

Limited Companies


Standard self-employed product or income recovery; which one is the best option?

Our handy tool helps identify clients that may benefit from using our Self-employed Income Recovery product:

Income Recovery Flow Chart


Client scenarios to help you find the right product

To help you recommend the best option for your self-employed clients, we've put together four different scenarios.

Each scenario shows a set of circumstances and whether the Income Recovery or our usual self-employed criteria would be the best option.


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Frequently asked questions

No, there are no restrictions on professions with our Income Recovery product.

Yes, we can accept clients who have a debt management plan in place. We'll need it to have been in place for at least 12 months.

Yes, they can apply for our Income Recovery for the Self-Employed product. We don’t exclude anyone on the basis that they have taken a Government loan.

Please note, if you are wanting the Bounce Back loan to be factored into affordability, the percentage of the loan commitment to be included needs to be equal to the percentage of the shareholding. For example, a Sole Trader would factor 100% of the loan into affordability. 

Our Income Recovery for the Self-Employed product is available on a 5-year fixed rate only. This is because we wanted to offer a product with the stability of a fixed rate for a longer period of time.

If your client's circumstances improve, this also gives them the flexibility to end the fixed term early, without having to pay an early redemption fee.

Our Income Recovery for the Self-Employed product might be a good option for your self-employed client if they have suffered a dip in their income.

For example, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, this product will assess their affordability using an average of the last 2 years' profits.

This means they may be able to borrow more than if we were assessing their latest year’s profit.

Yes, they will pay the same rate as employed clients.


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