1 July 2019

Hero Mortgages

By Vicki Harris
Chief Commercial Officer of Kensington Mortgages

Today I’m going to write about a new product that we have just launched – the Hero Mortgage.

The Hero Mortgage is designed for hard-working, public service employees – workers such as nurses, police officers, teachers, firefighters and the armed forces. People who form the backbone of Britain but, sadly, in many cases struggle to buy their first property. We have done a lot of research which has shown that people in these professions have a better history of repaying their mortgage than average, and so our Hero Mortgage is built around their needs and will allow them to borrow more than they are likely to get from other lenders.

We’re really excited about this new Hero Mortgage range. When we look across the industry, we see very few lenders talking about products targeted at real people and specific groups – most mortgage providers promote price alone, with advertising campaigns that highlight their new fixed rate mortgage at 2.99% or the latest buy-to-let offering at 3.12%. There is no attempt to develop a dialogue that talks to customers in their own language or to develop products tailored to their lifestyle and needs. And never anything to excite or celebrate people’s dreams of owning their home.

It’s time the industry started to speak to customers in a more engaging way and to develop products that appeal to them rather than just meet the internal needs of the banking sector. With our Hero Mortgage we want to celebrate the nation’s heroes and help as many as possible of them get on or move up the property ladder or even remortgage. This is the #KensingtonDifference at work and you can learn more about our approach and the Hero Mortgage here.

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Vicki Harris has 20 years of experience working in challenger financial services brands, working across asset management, banking and specialist lending. She is Chief Commercial Officer of Kensington Mortgages, the UK’s leading non-bank specialist mortgage lender.


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