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Lower Residential rates

Reduced rates up to 85% LTV
Select mortgages now from: 75% LTV | 5 YR FIX | 5.29% | £999 FEE
Hero Mortgage now from: 75% LTV | 5 YR FIX | 5.19% | £999 FEE

95% LTV Fee and No Fee options now available
5 YR FIX | 7.44% | NO FEE | Free valuation
5 YR FIX | 6.94% | £ 1,299 FEE

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Buy to Let rate updates

Reduced rates across all products
Now from: 75% LTV | 5 YR FIX | 5.19% | 2% FEE

Specials for BTL Core (including Limited Company) and HMO/MUBs now available, from:
Core: 70% LTV | 2 YR FIX | 4.15% | 5% FEE | FREE VALUATION
HMO/MUB: 70% LTV | 2 YR FIX | 4.24% | 5% FEE

Get them while you can

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For your Residential clients requiring loans between £500k and £2million, for either purchase or remortgage:

  • NEW 3 year fixed rate options
  • NEW set fees of either £1,499 or £1,999
  • Lower rates than Select
  • Free Valuation included
Plus, loans are supported by our team of experienced senior underwriters.

View Residential product guide View Residential product guide

Visit K-hub, our service and information hub

K-hub is a dedicated information and service space where you can view our weekly service levels, support guides, handy reminders and general updates.

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Welcome to Kensington, the UK’s leading specialist mortgage lender.

We serve the needs of people whose circumstances don’t meet the lending criteria of high street banks. With a highly trained team of underwriters, we don’t just rely on credit scoring and algorithms to make decisions, instead we look at your client’s individual circumstances with an open mind.  

What makes us different

Solution led innovative products

A resi and BTL product range to give your clients more options. Our mortgages come with flexible lending criteria and are always underwritten by real people, not computers. 

Exceptional sales support

With Kensington, you get the choice of telephone, face to face, virtual or webchat with our sales teams. Or use our 24/7 lending criteria chatbot to answer your questions – day or night.

Dedicated service and information hub

We created K-hub to help you place your cases as quickly and easily as possible. It also includes our weekly service levels so you always know how we’re doing with cases.

How we work?

Flexible lending criteria

Lending decisions made by underwriters

No credit scores

No upfront app fees

Awards we're proud to have won

WMA_2022_Logo_Best Specialist Lender_Winners_3years-01-01-01 MF2020multiWIN WMA_2022_Logo_Best Specialist Lender_Winners_3years-01-01-01 ym2020 Personal Finance Awards Best Intermediary Lender

    Here’s how many people we’ve helped own their home

    Loans completed since 2015