7 March 2024

Kensington Mortgages lowers rates across selected 90% and 95% LTV residential products

By Kensington Mortgages

The information in this post is intended for mortgage professionals. Customers should not interpret any part of this as financial advice. If you require advice on a new or existing mortgage you should contact your mortgage broker.

  • Kensington Mortgages has lowered rates across selected 90% LTV products by up to 55bps
  • Kensington has also reduced rates by up to 35bps for selected 95% LTV products
  • Arrangement fees have been lowered from £1,299 to £999 for both 90% and 95% LTV products

07 March 2024 – Kensington Mortgages has lowered rates and reduced arrangement fees across selected 90% and 95% LTV products. The move signals Kensington’s continued responsiveness to customer needs and market activity, following reductions to rates and the introduction of increased options across its high LTV residential ranges announced earlier this year.

For its 90% LTV products, Kensington has decreased rates by up to 55bps across its Select, Professional, Heroes, eKo, and Core ranges. Kensington has also reduced arrangement fees across all 90% LTV products from £1,299 to £999. Kensington’s lowest Select 90% LTV for its two-, three-, and five-year fixed rates are now 6.89%, 6.59%, and 6.44% respectively, all of which include a £999 fee. Rates on Kensington’s Hero Mortgage range remain 10bps below those of its Select range.

In addition, Kensington has lowered rates on selected 95% LTV products by up to 35bps. It has also lowered arrangement fees from £1,299 to £999 on all 95% LTV products. Kensington’s lowest Select 95% LTV for its two-, three-, and five-year fixed rates are now 7.39%, 7.09%, and 6.94% respectively. All include a £999 fee. Kensington’s 95% LTV products also all offer a free valuation, including both fee and fee free products.

Vicki Harris, Chief Commercial Officer at Kensington Mortgages, commented: “Our decision to lower rates for selected 90% and 95% LTV products highlights our sustained commitment to meeting the needs of our customers as market conditions continue to evolve. Our products provide some of the most competitive rates in the specialist market, which are supported by leading standards of customer service. For over two years, Kensington has offered one day service-level agreements for all new and uploaded documents and, as of February 2024, an average application to offer time of just eight days. We look forward to continuing to adapt and improve our offering to better serve our customers in the year ahead.”

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