Discover a culture where you and your career aspirations matter - a place where we reward your contribution to our success, where ambition is encouraged and where we help you to grow and develop to be the best that you can be.

Our innovative use of data combined with human expertise and flexible lending criteria is what we call our ‘head and heart’ approach.


At Kensington, across our teams and functions, we all work to deliver a single-minded purpose:

We are passionate people helping extra-ordinary people own homes when other lenders don’t.


On Wednesday 13th December 1995, Kensington completed its first loan and pioneered a new approach to lending to customers overlooked by mainstream lenders.

Over 25 years later, we’re one of the UK’s leading specialist mortgage lenders, with innovative, award-winning mortgages offering more people the chance to get a home.

Where high street lenders see black and white, we’ve always seen the shades in between. We don’t just rely on what the computer says, we use real people to understand the real circumstances behind what’s written on a mortgage application form. Our innovative use of data, driven by our in-house analytical tool Vector, combined with human expertise and flexible lending criteria is what we call our ‘head and heart’ approach. It comes from an understanding that no two people are the same. That a self-employed builder will have different circumstances to a contract worker, a kitchen table entrepreneur, someone who’s over 55 or who has a small blip on their credit file.

The way we live today means that extra-ordinary circumstances are rapidly becoming ordinary and that’s why we’re here, to provide mortgages to a broader range of people than the high street lenders.

Our brand

In 2018, we redefined what our brand stood for: a ‘head and heart’ lender who uses expertise and empathy to help our intermediary partners help their clients get the mortgages they need.

To complement our new brand positioning, we updated our visual identity introducing a new typeface to represent the ‘head’ driven by data expertise, and vibrant, fresh colours to represent the empathetic 'heart'. Our new identity is about making us appeal not just to our existing customers but to the new ones we want to attract in the future.

Our brand positioning drives everything we do for our customers, broker partners and our employees. ‘Head and Heart’ is the way we deliver our purpose and informs how we bring our values to life. When we come to work each day, we’re reminded of how our purpose, brand and values all work together.


Everything we do at Kensington is driven by a core set of values and beliefs, which we’ve created to promote a culture of respect and communication between colleagues. It’s what we stand for, and we work hard to ensure that everyone brings our values to life each and every day.

One Team Working Together

United by a shared purpose, we achieve success in a collaborative, inclusive and open environment

Confident and Brave

We champion honesty, challenge respectfully and we push boundaries to achieve common goals

Empower and Be Accountable

We trust colleagues to take ownership, responsibility is embraced and success is shared 

Keep it Simple, Bust Bureaucracy

Our clear and straightforward processes allow us to work together to make efficient, timely and effective decisions  

Driving Positive Customer Outcomes

We actively seek and deliver all solutions through a customer focused lens

Employee Benefits

Core Benefits

25 days Annual Leave + Bank Holidays
Group Income Protection (after 12 months service)
Group Life Assurance

Employee Benefits

Flexible Benefits

Critical Illness Insurance - Employee/Partner
Health Cash Plan
Private Medical and Dental Insurance
Cycle to Work
Holiday Buy/Sell
Season Ticket Loan
Health Assessment
Life Assurance - Employee/Partner
Travel Insurance

Hybrid working

Hybrid working is an important element of the company’s strategy and commitment to supporting the wellbeing of all employees.

It is available to all employees and the company has no expectations for employees who are contractually based at the Kensington’s office to commit to any particular frequency of office attendance. We understand that everyone has different preferences and we offer a working environment where you can decide, together with your manager and team, what working pattern works best for you.

To help look after their own wellbeing, employees are encouraged to take regular breaks, lunch breaks and build in time away from the desk during the working day.


Mental health is a condition that can often be missed as it’s not always obvious when someone is suffering.

We’re committed to doing what we can to help change the conversation around mental health so that we all feel safe to speak up if we’re suffering. That’s why we’re proud to work with Mind, the mental health charity as our 2019 Charity Partner. Mind logo Mind wants to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. They provide advice and support to anyone facing a mental health problem, as well as campaigning to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.


Diversity and inclusion

We value our people because of what they offer and contribute. We aim to attract the best and use people’s talents effectively whilst recognising, understanding and valuing the differences that exist between us all.

We recruit individuals based on their experience and ability, ensuring that our criteria for both recruitment and promotion is fair and transparent.

We are an equal opportunities employer, meaning that we treat everyone fairly, starting from the recruitment stage and continuing throughout your career with us.

Gender pay gap

We work to ensure we have an inclusive environment in which opportunities and recognition are equally accessible to all employees; regardless of gender, but also considering factors such as race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, work pattern.

Download our Group's latest Gender Pay Gap Report here:

> Kensington Mortgages 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report

Previous Gender Pay Gap Reports are also available to download here:

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Environmental, Social and
Governance (ESG) targets

It’s good to do good.

In August 2020, we announced our first ever set of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets. Not only was this the first time that we had defined a set of ESG targets, we were also the first specialist mortgage lender to do so.

We recognised that in today’s world it’s no longer enough for businesses to aspire to do good so we looked at what and how we could make a change to the way we do things. The result is our ESG framework which brings together key initiatives from across Kensington into a single set of cohesive targets. As a business, we are all committed to ensuring that these targets help us to create a positive impact both in our workplace and the wider world.

Why an ESG framework is important to us:

  • It’s the right thing for us to do
  • They drive the overall purpose of Kensington and provide a blueprint for our company’s future and strategic direction
  • They are increasingly important for new and existing colleagues
  • They form part of the decisions made by investors who have a commitment to responsible investment
  • They are critical to long-term growth and help to drive competitive success
  • They can attract consumers who want to buy goods and services from a socially responsible brand
Innovating in Green mortgages to improve energy efficiency in existing UK homes, and an internal focus on climate change.
Committed to improving financial inclusion, celebrating the diversity of our colleagues & being actively involved in their wellbeing.
A robust Management and Governance framework to manage risk through our data protection, governance and corporate risk structures.

Modern slavery statement

Modern Slavery is defined within the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and it includes offences such as Slavery, Servitude and Forced or Compulsory Labour and Human Trafficking.

We, as a business, take our responsibilities as an employer and a corporate citizen seriously; this includes ensuring that the welfare and wellbeing of our employees and those working on our behalf are given appropriate levels of attention. We are subsequently committed to combatting modern slavery activities in our organisation and also minimising modern slavery risks across our supply chain. We are proud of the steps we have taken so far, and continue to take to ensure that our businesses continue to operate ethically and with integrity.

To understand how we have achieved this, view our Modern Slavery Statement.



Employee Experiences

Eloise's story

Head of National Accounts
“I lead our national accounts team in finding ways to add value to our partners’ businesses.”
My role is to strategically manage and nurture the relationship between Kensington and our key intermediary partners across the UK. What I love most about my role is working collaboratively and creatively with our national account partners, in finding ways to support, grow, and add value to their businesses. I am very privileged to work in partnership with so many wonderful businesses and people across our industry, focusing on developing new propositions, educating their brokers, and growing our businesses together.

I love being a part of the Kensington team. Working for a specialist lender, who opens doors to help more customers onto the property ladder, is hugely rewarding. We are a product innovator and being part of developing new ideas and supporting our national account partners with their objectives is very fulfilling.


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