We’ve put together some frequently asked questions for when your broker has submitted, or is about to submit a mortgage application with us.  

Q. Why do I need to supply 3 months of bank statements to my broker?

A. We will ask your broker to provide 3 months of bank statements so that we can see evidence of the following:

  • Your recent income if you are employed
  • Your recent business income/credits if you are self-employed which will need to support the latest SA302 or accountant’s documents provided
  • Your recent credits if you are a contractor
  • If you are in receipt of child maintenance so that we can see the payments you have received
  • Proof of deposit which can be held in a current or savings accounts.  We will need to see that the funds have built up over time and if they have recently been deposited from one account to another, your broker will need to provide both statements so that we can identify the original source of the funds. 
  • To show that you can support 3 months of mortgage payments
Q. Will you accept bank statements that I have generated online?
A. Yes, all bank statements will need to include your name and address and can be generated from your online banking application. Please note we are unable to accept screenshots of your transactions. 
Q. I am receiving help from a family member to pay my deposit. Is this okay?

A. We will accept gifted deposits as long as they come from immediate family members (members (parents including step-parents, grandparents, other family members such as a non-dependent child, brother, sister, uncle or aunt). 

Your broker will provide you with a Donor Gift Deposit Declaration form which you will need to ask your donor to complete, sign and send back to your broker along with a form of ID and evidence of the funds they will be gifting to you. Please note that if the donor is not a parent or grandparent, they will need to be a UK homeowner. 

Please be aware mortgages are secured against your home and your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.