Guide to the Stamp Duty Holiday Deadline
The Government’s Stamp Duty holiday has been extended

As you will probably have seen, the Chancellor has extended the Stamp Duty holiday until the end of June for properties up to £500k and 30th September for properties up to £250k. 

The extension may result in increased mortgage applications so we want to reassure you that we will continue to do everything we can to work through our service pipeline as quickly as possible.  

How to speed up your application

To help us process your client’s applications as smoothly and as quickly as possible, our Originations Leader, Hannah Moody tells you the 6 key things you should always do to speed up your application and avoid delays to your cases.


What we’re doing to process your cases more quickly

For the past few months, we’ve been increasing resource in our underwriting team to enable them to work on processing more cases in our service pipeline. We’ve also boosted our sales team so that they can help you with any queries you may have especially when it comes to more complex cases.

We’ll continue to work as hard and as quickly as we can to move your client’s applications forward, whilst maintaining our usual high standards of service.


Frequently asked questions

Each day, our team answers your questions about the Stamp Duty holiday so we’ve collated all the answers and provided them in this dedicated FAQ section.


Q.  Are my outstanding cases likely to be processed before the end of the Stamp Duty holiday?

A.  Whilst we’re doing everything we can to process cases as quickly as possible, delays can occur if the correct documentation is not submitted along with the application. To avoid any delays, it is important that you review the full packaging requirements before you submit your case. 


Q.  I’ve received a message requesting more documentation which I’ve now supplied, why does the time it is taking to review my case keep changing?

A.  The volume of cases we receive on a day to day basis can cause service times to fluctuate. In addition, due to the current climate, in some instances, our underwriters are having to request additional documentation.   

Please also check the online portal for your case updates. We are working hard to keep our website and call waiting messaging as up to date as we can so we would advise you to check those for any updates to service levels. 


Q.  Why are my clients having to provide evidence of funds to support 3 months of mortgage payments?

A.  We have introduced this temporary requirement, which applies to all applications at the current time, to protect your clients during the COVID19 pandemic and its negative impact on businesses and jobs 


Q. Are any new cases I submit likely to be delayed due to the backlog of cases in your service pipeline?

A.  New cases with the correct documentation will be processed in the usual way. Due to the current backlog of cases, we can’t guarantee new cases will be processed before the end of the stamp duty holiday or whether valuations and conveyancing work will be completed. However, as always, we will provide updates as your case progresses through our system. 


 Q.  How long will it take if I need to apply for an extension to my client’s mortgage offer?   

A.  You can apply for a mortgage offer extension in the usual way. Your client will need to ask their solicitor to submit an extension request to our completions team if they can’t complete before the offer expiry deadline. An underwriter will review the request and issue an extension or request any further documentation we may if we need more up to date information. If the Government does not extend the Stamp Duty holiday and your client’s completion date is after 30th June it is important they are made aware that they will need to pay the relevant stamp duty for the property they are buying.  


 Q.  Where can I find more information about source of deposits?   

A.  To give you as much information as possible, we’ve put together a detailed guide which you can find here.  

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