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When you're looking to move home it can be hard knowing which mortgage may fit your circumstances. That's why we created Mortgage Match – a simple online tool that helps you identify the Kensington mortgage options that could be available to you.

Once you have your matches, you can discuss your suitability with our preferred mortgage adviser, Like Mortgage Advice*. Just use the online calendar to book a call with a Like adviser for no-obligation, FEE FREE expert mortgage advice. If Like recommends a Kensington mortgage and you decide to apply, they’ll arrange your mortgage for FREE too.

An award-winning mortgage lender, we've been around for 25 years

We're one of the UK's leading residential specialist mortgage lenders with an award-winning range of mortgages specially designed for people whose needs the high street doesn’t always meet.

Winner of the What Mortgage Awards 2020 Best Specialist Lender

Free valuation and no legal fee options

No upfront fee to submit your application

£250 cashback options available

What makes a Kensington Mortgage, special

A specialist mortgage product from Kensington is different to ones you'll find on the high street. We don’t expect everyone to fit into standard boxes so we make our lending criteria more flexible to accommodate the different lives and circumstances we all have. We also use real people to assess your mortgage application and make our lending decisions so we don’t have to rely on what the computer says. Our mortgages can only be arranged through financial advisers and when they submit your application, we work hard to make the process as simple as we can.

Who our mortgages are for

Our mortgages could be for you if you have at least a 20% deposit and...

  • You're self-employed - from a sole trader to a company director, or
  • You're a Paramedic, Nurse, Teacher, Armed Forces Personnel (Army, Navy, RAF), Firefighter or Police Officer, or
  • You're looking for a home loan of up to £750k, or
  • You have more than one income 

If you've experienced past financial difficulties

Lots of people get into financial difficulties at some point in their lives which can often make it harder to get a mortgage. Our flexible lending criteria and use of real people to assess your application means that we may be able to help if you've had a Debt Management Plan that has been in place for at least 1 year, or a late credit card payment from more than 2 years ago.

How mortgage match works

Just complete our easy to use Mortgage Match tool to find the Kensington mortgages you may be eligible for. To help identify the product options that you may be suitable for, we’ll ask questions about you, your home and your finances so we recommend allowing between 10-15 minutes to enter your details. We’ll then use the information you provide to present you with your Kensington Mortgage Matches.

4 easy steps to find your matches

1. Enter your details into the Kensington Mortgage Match tool

2. Once you’ve entered your information, it takes just 60 seconds to present you with your mortgage matches 

3. Use our online calendar to book a telephone appointment for FEE-FREE, no obligation advice with our preferred mortgage advisers, Like Mortgage Advice

4. After talking to Like, they’ll make a recommendation based on your circumstances. If you decide to proceed with your application with Kensington, they’ll arrange your mortgage for FREE too

Let's get started

When you use our Mortgage Match tool it won’t affect your credit score as you’re only searching for matches and not applying for a mortgage. So if you’re ready to find out what your Kensington Mortgage Matches look like, just click on one of the boxes below to begin.

When you get to your results, if you agree, we’ll pass your information to our preferred mortgage adviser Like Mortgage Advice, so they have everything they need to advise you on your options when you speak to them over the phone. And don’t forget, when you speak to a Like adviser, the advice is FEE FREE on Kensington products.

Like Mortgage Advice is an appointed representative of Hawke Financial Services LLP, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Register No. 478284).

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Find your own mortgage adviser

If you prefer, you can use your own mortgage adviser. If you don’t already have one, you can visit Unbiased.co.uk where you'll find a list of advisers you can choose from. 


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*Like Mortgage Advice Limited is an appointed representative of Hawke Financial Services LLP, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Register No. 478284).

Please be aware mortgages are secured against your home and your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. 

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