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24 March 2021

Broker survey results: One year since the first lockdown

By Frances Taylor
Head of National Accounts

The information in this post is intended for mortgage professionals. Customers should not interpret any part of this as financial advice. If you require advice on a new or existing mortgage you should contact your mortgage broker. Satisfying the criteria mentioned in this video does not guarantee your eligibility for a mortgage.

The mortgage industry has seen immense change over the last 12 months, and as the country first went in to lockdown we ran a number of surveys to understand how brokers were adapting to a new way of working. We conducted further broker research more recently with over 500 brokers surveyed, so that we had some great sets of data to compare, contrast and discuss on our latest webinar ‘Covid-19 one year on: the impact on the mortgage market’.

This infographic shows the key takeaways from our findings, which I analysed more thoroughly in one of the webinar sessions. Don’t worry if you missed it, as you can watch the recording of the broker research outcomes.

These findings also prompted a debate for our panel discussion with our brilliant panellists: Sarah Tucker, Founder and Managing Director at The Mortgage Mum, Lisa Martin, Group Development Director at LSL Financial Services - TMA and our New Business Director, Craig McKinlay. Watch the panel debate.

Infographic – Covid-19 One Year On

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