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02 October 2019

Mortgage and Property Report October 2019

By Alex Maddox
Capital Market & Digital Director

Welcome to the October 2019 edition of the Mortgage and Property Report. In this issue, we look at how the UK property market has performed in recent years. We compare the different ways house price changes are measured and explain why we often see very different headlines in relation to the same period or region. We also examine the impact of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union on the housing market to date, and what this means for mortgage lenders. 

Key Highlights

  • There are a range of different house price indices, which sometimes contradict each other, due largely to differences in methodology and/or coverage
  • Since the referendum vote to leave the EU, housing transactions and house prices have declined noticeably in the UK, but the impact is region-specific with London most impacted
  • Compared to previous downturns, this one is still benign, largely due to strong fundamentals

Download the full report here. 

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