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Good news, you can now view documents that you’ve uploaded on our portal.

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Need help with our new portal?

We’ve put together some handy guides to help you navigate our new portal. If you’d like to give us some feedback on the new portal or you have any questions, please contact our BDU team who will be happy to hear from you.

Please follow these instructions and read the important Hints and Tips below. 

How to reset your password:
  1. Enter your email address.
  2. Select the 'Request Reset Code' button.
  3. Check your emails and retrieve the code we sent you. This may take a couple of minutes, but if you haven't received an email, please check your spam or junk folder.
  4. Select 'Enter Reset Code' and follow the on-screen instructions in your browser.
  5. You will be asked to enter certain digits of your memorable word (these are case sensitive). Your memorable word has been set as your mother's maiden name, as held on the old portal.
  6. You will then need to reset your password for future logins. Your password must be between 8 and 20 characters, containing at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character. It also cannot include spaces or your username. Valid special characters are $@!%*?&
  7. Finally, please save the login page to your favourites.
  8. Click on this link to get started New Portal Password Reset. 

Hints and Tips:
  • As our new portal is built using the latest technology, it is not compatible with Internet Explorer. We recommend you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, which can be accessed or downloaded from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Please note that when completed, you will have two passwords - your existing password for the Old Portal and your new password for the New Portal. You can access both portals by clicking on the links below.
  • It is essential that you pay your valuation fee (where applicable) and upload core documents before submitting a case to Underwriting. Unfortunately, we will not be able to pass your case to an underwriter without these. For more information on how to do this, please read the "What's New" section in our User Guide. 
  • Where you have cases on both portals, we will be sending you a weekly email to remind you of which cases appear on each portal.

If you are an existing broker partner and are logging in for the first time, you'll find details of how to do this in our Registrations Guide for Existing Brokers. If you are a new broker, please see our Registrations Guide for New Brokers. 

Are you looking to login to our new portal for the first time? Or have you forgotten your password and want to request a new one? We’ve put together everything you need to know about ‘logging in’ in our Login Guide.

Our Dashboard Guide shows you how to find a summary of your most recent cases, find a client, view messages in your inbox, or change any of your personal details and password.

We’ve covered the 6 key new features of our new portal in our What’s New Guide.
We’ve put together all of our handy guides for our new portal into one place. To find out how to register, login, and navigate your dashboard, download our Complete User Guide.

Logging on to the portal

Q. I can’t log on to the new portal as I haven’t received my email? 

A. Please try looking in your junk mail folder for the email. If you still can’t find it, please call our BDU team on 0800 111 020 who will be able to help you.

Q. I’ve received the email but I’m having difficulty logging into my account on the new portal?

A. Please follow the instructions included in the email we sent to you or take a look at the Existing Broker Login section of our User Guide. If you’re still having trouble, please call our BDU team on 0800 111 020 who will be able to walk you through the process.

Q. What is the username I should use to log in to the new portal?

A. Your username is your email address.

Q. What is my memorable word?

A. Your memorable word has been set as your mother’s maiden name which is the same as it was on the old portal. Please note that your memorable word is case sensitive.

Q. I’ve forgotten my password and memorable word?

A. You’ll find instructions on what to do if you’ve forgotten your password, memorable word or both in Section 5 of the Existing Broker Login section of the User Guide.


Accessing existing cases on the old portal

Q. How do I access my cases from the old portal?

A. You can access your cases by logging into the old portal. We’ll also be sending you a weekly email with details of all of your cases on the new and old portal.


Submitting cases on the new portal

Q. How do I submit a case on the new portal?

A. Just like on the old portal you first submit a DIP and then proceed to a full mortgage application.

Q. Can I submit LTD Company applications in the same way?

A. Yes, but please always ensure the company information you submit matches what’s held at Companies House.

Q. Are there any other important points I need to know before I submit my application?

A. Yes, you will need to declare all outstanding credit commitments including student loans and DMP payments as any undisclosed information may impact our lending decision.

Q. Will I be shown the documents I need to submit before the case is reviewed by an underwriter?

A. Yes, our new portal will signpost the places where you’ll need to upload each document the underwriter will need to see before they review your case. When you click ‘Upload Requested Documents’ you will be presented with a list of the documents we need. You can find more information in the Homescreen section of our User Guide.


Uploading documentation and receiving updates

Q. Where can I see my case update?

A. You’ll find a summary of your 10 most recent cases on your personalised dashboard and we’ll also send you an automated text or email when the case status changes.

Q. Where will I find updates from the underwriter on the new portal?

A. You’ll find all your updates by clicking on the messages tab which will then show you a summary of the messages we have sent to you.

Q. Will I be notified if I haven’t uploaded all the documentation?

A. Yes, the ‘Case Overview’ screen will display the outstanding information header. You can also check your emails or your message inbox on the portal.

Q. How will I know if my documents have successfully uploaded?

A. As you upload each document, a green tick will appear next to the description to show it has been uploaded. Once you’ve uploaded the required information, just click the ‘Submit Initial Documents for Underwriting’ button and you’ll receive an instant confirmation message on the portal screen.

Q. I’ve submitted a case on the new portal but have not had an update from the underwriter. Why is this?

A. Please ensure that you have met the ‘Day 1’ requirements as the underwriter won’t be able to review your case until these requirements have been met. For reference, it’s the usual signed declaration from the applicant(s) as well as proof of income.

Q. Can I upload a note for the underwriter?

A. Yes, you can upload a note via ‘Case Message’ which you’ll find on the Case Overview screen.

Valuations and offers

Q. When do I have to pay the valuation fee?

A. Once your application has been submitted, if the product you have selected has a valuation fee to pay, it will be highlighted as a task to be completed in the action box of your case summary. To pay you will need to click on Pay Fees button which will take you through the fee payment process.

Q. Can I tell if the valuation has been instructed/date of inspection/report received?

A. You will receive notification the valuation has been instructed and when the valuation has been received.

Q. Can I get a copy of the valuation from the portal?

A. Unfortunately, you will not be able to download a copy of the valuation from the portal, but we will let you know if that changes in the future.

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