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Hero mortgage

Mortgages for the heroes amongst us.

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Discover our Hero Mortgage range, for employed essential skilled workers who provide vital community services. Your client could borrow up to 5 times their income, subject to overall affordability.

Available to NHS clinicians, teachers, police officers, firefighters and more.

The detail

Your client could borrow up to 5 times their income, subject to overall affordability

100% of overtime and second job income accepted

Joint applications accepted

Debt management plans considered

Cashback options available

Is my client eligible? 

We can accept applications on our Hero Mortgage range from clients employed in the public sector. This includes:

  • NHS clinicians
  • Paramedics
  • Nurses
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Members of the Armed Forces (Army, RAF and Navy)
  • Firefighters
  • Police

Example Hero scenarios

NHS clinicians regularly working overtime

Providing healthcare isn’t a 9-5 job. That’s why we'll take into account 100% of your clients’ overtime when assessing their affordability.

Firefighters working two jobs

We'll take into account 100% of second job income, where your client has had both jobs for at least six months. Plus, we have cashback options available.

Applicants with small blips on their credit file

Whether they're a teacher, or are in the armed forces, we'll consider applicants who have small blips on their credit file, like a missed credit card payment.

Frequently asked questions

  • Our Hero Mortgage range is available to clients employed in the public sector, providing a vital service to the community. In particular, in the police, health, or education sectors.

    This includes emergency services and HM Forces, such as:

    • Police officers
    • Firefighters
    • Paramedics
    • NHS clinicians
    • Nurses
    • Army, Navy or RAF personnel

    It also includes professions in education, such as:

    • Primary, secondary and 6th form teachers
    • College lecturers
    • University lecturers
  • We can accept applicants who work for the NHS in a clinical role, providing care to patients. This includes:

    • Nursing
    • Medicine
    • Midwifery
    • Physiotherapy
    • Radiography
    • Counselling

    We're unable to accept applicants who work in non-clinical roles on our Hero range. This includes receptionists, accountants, IT specialists and caterers.

  • Yes, we can accept joint applications on our Hero Mortgage range.

    At least one of the applicants must be employed in a qualifying 'Heroes' profession.

    The income from both applicants will benefit from our enhanced affordability.

  • We're unable to accept self-employed and contractor applicants on our Hero Mortgage range.
  • Our Select credit criteria applies to our Hero Mortgage range.

    Download our Credit History Criteria Guide to see all our credit criteria at a glance.

  • We're unable to accept applications where the applicant wishes to combine our Hero range with the Help to Buy scheme.

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