Complex Income Mortgages
Because complex income doesn’t need to be complex

When your client has more than one source of income, while other lenders may see complexity, we see an opportunity to help.

Our underwriters give each application the time it deserves, assessing each case and using their expertise to build the bigger picture so you can find the mortgage that’s right for your client. 

Whether it’s their first home or last, we use human insight to make our decisions rather than just relying on machines.

Use our mortgage calculator to work out how much your client could borrow with us.

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Discover the Kensington Difference...

Regular overtime accepted

Regular performance bonus accepted

Second job income accepted

  • Vested shares accepted
  • Investment income accepted
  • Underwriter decision – not automated score
  • No application fees 
For further details see our full lending criteria.


We can help your clients who are...
  • Sales executives whose annual salary is made up of a high proportion of commission
  • NHS professionals working extra shifts in the private sector or on a contractual basis
  • Full time office workers with part time second jobs
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs, workers in the gig economy
  • Bank workers whose bonus package includes vested shares


Can we help your other clients?

Affordability based on latest year's accounts

No restrictions on professions

Multiple income streams considered

Self-employed Mortgages 

Up to 85% LTV

Limited Company assessed on SPV portfolio only

Maximum age at application: 70

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