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No, we don’t actually offer mortgages to animals! As pets are part of the family, we thought it would be fun to use them in our new ad to explain how their owners struggled to get mortgages, and how Kensington provided the solution.

Alongside flexible lending criteria, our team of underwriters look beyond the tick boxes of an application form. We use real data to create innovative mortgages that meet the needs of real people, those the high street lenders can often overlook.

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Flexi Fixed for Term

Tweetie’s case

Tweetie’s owner was worried about the rising cost of living in the city and was looking for a forever home in the country. She didn’t anticipate how loud all the nature would be though!


For those who want the stability and peace of mind of fixing their mortgage for 11 to 40 years with a monthly payment that never changes.

Discover Flexi Fixed for Term

Mortgages for Heroes

Flopsy’s case

Flopsy’s owner was working long hours as a police officer and with the commute she rarely got to see her. Her owner needed to be able to borrow more to afford to live closer to her job.

Enhanced affordability for those in specific key worker roles, who may have more complex circumstances such as overtime or a second income.

Discover The Hero Mortgage

Credit Recovery

Waffle’s case

To Waffle, his owner is a good boy just like him, but the high street disagreed due to a small blip on his credit file. Money stress meant he wasn’t giving Waffle the long, fun walks he needed for squirrel chasing.

As long as six months have passed, our Resi 6 range can help your clients who have less than perfect credit. If we can say yes, we will.

Residential Product Guide

Green Mortgages

Shelley’s case

When you live as long as Shelley, it makes sense to consider the planet. His owner feels the same and being paid to make energy efficient changes was a no brainer.

Our eKo range includes enhanced cashback for your Residential and Buy to Let clients who improve the energy efficiency of their home.

Discover eKo £1,000 Cashback

Income Recovery

Biscuit’s case

Biscuit’s owner’s business was affected by the pandemic, and even though she was able to get back to earning, that income dip affected her affordability.

If your self-employed client saw a dip in their 20/21 income our mortgage applies specific affordability.

Discover Income Recovery for the Self-Employed

Leaders in Specialist Lending

The film shows a few of our innovative mortgages but we have more solutions that
could be right for your clients.

Clients with a home of a non-standard construction

Clients looking to get on the ladder with a smaller deposit.

Clients who are self-employed or have a historical credit blip

Our Property Plus range could help them

We partner with a number of assisted purchase schemes, including Shared Ownership

Our Select and Core ranges have more flexible credit history and lending criteria

For more information and to see our current rates, view our product guides. 

Residential Product Guide         Buy to Let Product Guide

Ways we support our broker partners

Dedicated service

We created K-hub to help you place your cases as quickly and easily as possible. It also includes our weekly service levels so you can always keep your clients up to date on their application.

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Our thought leadership webinars provide market updates, trends and insights from industry experts. Watch past webinars on our YouTube channel and while you’re there don’t forget to subscribe!

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Exceptional sales support

With Kensington, you get the choice of telephone, face to face, virtual or webchat with our sales teams. Or use our 24/7 lending criteria chatbot to answer your questions – day or night.

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