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Large Portfolios

For your clients that are looking to grow their Buy to Let property portfolio.

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If your client is looking to grow their Buy to Let property portfolio we can help. Flexibility and expertise come together in our range of Experienced Landlord mortgages. We don’t want to put limits on your client’s aspirations so there’s no requirement for minimum incomes from existing landlords, and no property portfolio limits either.

Suitable for...

Portfolio landlords

Limited Companies

Full time landlords

Lending criteria

No minimum income required for existing landlords

No business plan required

Up to £2m lending with Kensington

Further details

There is no overall portfolio limit. Maximum portfolio size with Kensington is £2 million (inclusive of fees). This is combined across Residential and standard Buy to Let mortgages. A maximum average LTV cap of 90% is applied across a landlords entire portfolio (regardless of size).

We require portfolio landlords with 4 or more properties to complete a portfolio summary. Please visit our documents page for our portfolio summary template.

The portfolio summary should only include properties owned by the individual/ legal entities applying for the application. For instance if an application is in personal names only properties owned by those applicant(s) should be included not those owned within an associated Limited Company and vice versa.

Excess portfolio affordability can be used to assist with affordability, for the applied for loan.

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