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Mortgages specifically for Multi-Unit Blocks and Houses of Multiple Occupancy.

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Suitable for...

Landlord applicants with Houses of Multiple Occupancy or Multi-Unit Blocks

Experienced landlords

Limited Company applicants

First time landlords with a combined minimum income over £75k

Lending criteria

Maximum Loan £750,000

HMO: Minimum valuation £75,000

MUB: Minimum 35sqm and minimum valuation of £50,000 per unit

The detail

For both HMOs and MUBs
  • Overall exposure limited to £2 million (inclusive of fees). This is combined across Residential and standard Buy to Let mortgages
  • Not available on New Build
  • Shared accommodation on a bedsit basis is not acceptable
  • We will not accept a MUB that contains any HMOs


  • Up to 6 beds
  • Must have additional living area
  • HMO license is required. Where a license is not currently in place, we will require evidence that this has been applied for prior to completion
  • Property needs to be readily saleable as a family home


  • Up to 6 units. No minimum overall property value
  • Minimum area 30sqm
  • Units must have separate utility services

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