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K-hub is a dedicated information and service space where you can view our weekly service levels, support guides, handy reminders and general updates.

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Our latest updates

07 March 2024

Lower rates across Resi 90% and 95% LTV

  • Selected 90% LTV rates reduced by up to 55bps, ranges include Select, Professional, Heroes, eKo and Core
  • Selected 95% LTV rates reduced by up to 35bps
  • Arrangement fee on 90% and 95% reduced from £1,299 to £999

Lowest Select 90% LTV 2,3,5 year fixed rates are now 6.89%, 6.59%, and 6.44% respectively (all with £999 fee).

Lowest Select 95% LTV 2,3,5 year fixed rates are now 7.39%, 7.09%, and 6.94% respectively (all with £999 fee).

27 February 2024

More options for Shared Ownership

We’ve expanded our Shared Ownership product range, allowing your clients to borrow at 85% and 90% of the share price, in addition to the existing 95%, giving them more options and reduced rates.

Minimum share 25%, up to 75% LTV of the total market value.
06 February 2024

Lower rates on selected Resi products

Reduced rates, up to 85% LTV, across the following ranges:
  • Select
  • Core
  • Hero Mortgage
  • Young Professionals
  • eKo £1,000 Cashback
  • eKo £500 Reward
  • Property Plus
Plus, we have reintroduced ‘no fee’ options at 95% LTV. Both ‘fee’ and ‘no fee’ 95% LTV products come in 2, 3 and 5 year fixed rates, available on purchase only.

Our latest guides

20 October 2023

A Guide to your client’s First Mortgage Payment

We have created this handy guide to help you explain to your clients the way that first payments work, depending on their completion date.
23 December 2021

A Guide to our Application Stages

To help you explain to your client the stages their mortgage application goes through once you have submitted their case.
02 August 2021

Credit History Criteria Guide

Download our simple one-page guide to get all the information you need to know about our criteria on CCJs, arrears, defaults and more.

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